10 thoughts on “Conium maculatum”

  1. Dr. Banaras Khan Awan the picture you have presented of CONIUM MACULATUM is absolutely very nice. you may also share your cured clinical cases for my knowledge.

    • Thank u for comments. I hv already shared my cured cases in my urdu written book, MERAY MEHMAN( MY GUESTS). I intend to share in H.pathy also. I am always want of time.Thanks once again.

  2. A detailed and precise presentation to understand clinical significance of conium in day to day homeopathic practice. Sir plz continue to share ur experiences.

    Best Regards

  3. Dear Dr. Khan Saheb,

    My copious thanks for and compliments on an excellent presentation!

    You have brought out the essence of the remedy very well.

    May you upload many more such presentations in times to come to further the study of homeopathy!

    Regards and best wishes,
    Ravindra Joshi, New Mumbai

  4. Thank you for your presentation.

    In ‘big drug users’ I looked under drug addiction for conium either in Complete or Murphy’s Meta-Repertory for example, but didn’t see it. Can you please expand where to find references in these instances to conium? Perhaps you could be so kind as to expand on this idea in conium so that doctors can use this information to better help sufferers? Thank you.


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