9 thoughts on “Covid Remedies”

  1. A wonderful presentation concerning COVID 19 treatment. I am sure this will increase the confidence of Homeopaths across the world in treating
    same. Thanks for the great effort.

    • 1. Covid attack is swift, fast and lightening. By the time a patient becomes aware s/he is being pushed towards a ventilator. If lucky enough will survive otherwise “qabaristan” is the ultimate place.
      The speed of covid spread does not give any time to wait and see to let stage one fade into two and so on and on.

      2.We need IMMEDIATE homeopathic intervention by a single bullet or bomb if like the term.

      3. I’m a self trained innovator in sciences and technology and homeopathy. To cut the long story short, I cured more than 50 patents in my town by the grace Allah-o-Shafee:
      I begin with (1) Naja-1000 followed within an hour of a mixture of Influenza-200+ Arsenicum Album-200. I repeat it three to 4 times a day. The recovery is marvelous- within 24 hours the patient is up and smiling. The next day I use QUEBRACHO (ASPIDOSPERMA)-Q 15 drops to boost the Oxygen supply in the lungs. Also China-1000 one dose to revive the patient energy level. The bottom line: Naja -t. (http://homeoint.org/books/boericmm/n/naja.htm) is the key to kill Covid. By doing so I save the much needed time to look after the patient instead of wait and see.
      May Allah grant Shifa to all the patients, Aameen.
      -DrHabibKhan, 923142014184. https://www.linkedin.com/in/drhabibk/


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