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Linda Baker

Dr. Linda Baker M.D., CCH., graduated medical school at the University of California, San Diego. She did a pediatric internship and residency at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children and a fellowship in Ambulatory Pediatrics at Einstein Hospital. Dr. Baker subsequently practiced with the Chestnut Hill Pediatric Group for twenty years, also serving as Chairman of the Pediatric Department at Chestnut Hill Hospital for five of those years. She has practiced pediatric medicine in the Philadelphia area since 1980. Dr. Baker studied Classical Homeopathy at Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy and also studied with internationally renowned homeopaths. She studied ”Brain Therapy”, trained in Functional Medicine and Body Talk and is a Reiki Master and teaches it. She traveled with the Family Hope Center to do holistic treatments for special needs children in a variety of countries around the world.


  • HI there,
    Please advice for Dysentery in hot weather,specially in Pakistan south mean in Sindh Karachi area,I use boiled water(Always)
    With Regards,

    • Hi Jawed,
      One would need to look at the person’s specific symptoms in order to select a remedy for Dysentery. As a start, look at the remedies described under “gastroenteritis”.

  • The medicines detailed are all very apt for the clinical conditions and is just not the routine replica of Repertory medicines. but are based on M.M. knowledge. Hence, really symptomatic.. good work..

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