A Case of Hirschsprung’s Disease

Dr. Chimthanwala presents a case of Hirschsprungs Disease treated with Homeopathy.

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About the author

Abdequaem Chimthanawala

Dr. Abdequaem M. H. Chimthanawala is a Homoeopathic doctor based in Nagpur, India. After completing his BHMS in ‘94, he acquired his MD (London) in ‘97 and DAc in the same year. He also completed his MD in Materia Medica from Foster Development’s Homoeopathic Medical College, Aurangabad in the Year 2007. 
He is currently attending at Mark’s Homoeopathic Pharmacy and Dispensary, Nagpur. He gives lectures on M.M. and cured cases at seminars and publishes them in journals. He conducts regular clinical meetings at his clinic. He was past President JCI Nagpur MEDICO in 2008, where he won national awards for his environmental and humanitarian projects. His family has been involved with Homoeopathy for over 90 years. Dr. Chimthanawala is Founder of GraceHealing Homoeopathy. He has released a DVD on ‘The Art of Interpretation & Prescribing – Forehead’.Contact:

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  • Dr. Abdequaem M. H. Chimthanawala
    well presented case. Do you have a good experience in treating Hirschsprung’s Disease. Did you have previous experience that sepias action would cure this disease. Amazing case with so litte data to work on. I am facinated by this case.

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