Homeopathy helps restore normality after the war

Homeopathy helps restore normality after the war. by Lucy De Pieri PhD. DCH

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About the author

Lucy De Pieri

Lucy De Pierispent most of her adult life as a research scientist. Her interest in homeopathy started in June 1994, when she saw a homeopath for the first time. In 2003 she enrolled in the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy, and graduated in 2007. Lucy has been a Board member of the BC Homeopathic Society for 11 years (2005 – 2016). She started as a student representative, then with Iain Mars was the co-editor of “The Bulletin” – the e-publication of the Society. In 2005 as the Bird flu was looming and the allopaths thought we were going to have a pandemic, Lucy created the BC Society Newsgroup. She thought that in case of a pandemic members could quickly exchange ideas of potential remedies while searching for the genus epidemicus. There was no pandemic, the newsgroup is still running and it’s mostly used when members are searching for remedies or to share ideas and articles. In case of a pandemic, we will be prepared! Lucy was involved in a number pf proving and she regularly presents at conferences and she is always updating her skills and knowledge. Lucy’s goal is to be the best homeopath she can be. Lucy De Pieri has a busy practise in Port Moody where she lives with her husband, daughter and she is very happy when her son visits. She has 2 cats and loves gardening.

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